introspective moments

I Don’t Want To Write About Love Anymore

I don’t want to write about love anymore. Well, it’s getting harder and harder to write about the love in my own life. Before… It was easier to write about the things in my head. Love didn’t live there. Not… Continue Reading →

Forbidden Fruits

Eve. Snow White. Me. The witch. The snake. The Ex.

The Beginning

After having a meltdown because Dominos took two hours to deliver my pizza (my fridge is still empty), I turned to the one thing that would distract me from my hunger…twitter. I scrolled down my timeline and there was a… Continue Reading →

The One Thing No One Will Ever Expect a "Love Addict" to Say

Relationships are annoying! Yes I said it.  No I’m not sick. No I’m not losing my mind. Yes you are still reading the same blog. I have not been body snatched.  Its just that the thought of being obligated to… Continue Reading →

The Break Up Diaries: I’m Single but Not Dead…Yet!

* I wrote this when my last relationship ended a few months ago. Though I have grown to absolutely love my single life (I downright cherish it actually), I think it’s important to share this anyway, because when a relationship ends… Continue Reading →

Dating Dyslexia

Dyslexia:a broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person’s fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read.Dating Dyslexia (DD):a term defining an emotional disability that impairs a persons fluency or comprehension in reading people that they are… Continue Reading →

13 minutes to Calm

This is not the post I intended to start the week with. However after my unplanned hiatus I think it’s the most fitting. I poke fun at the title of my (old)blog (Struggles of a Love Addict) at times when… Continue Reading →

Sometimes I’m no Different than…

I am not posting this to retract any statements I published here a few days ago. I genuinely feel that way and it was a feeling that was holding me back from posting my usual point of view about love…. Continue Reading →

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