I Don’t Want To Write About Love Anymore

I don’t want to write about love anymore. Well, it’s getting harder and harder to write about the love in my own life. Before… It was easier to write about the things in my head. Love didn’t live there. Not… Continue Reading →

“You’re in love…”

My friends state this to me as a fact from where they stand… on the outside.  This is the first time I have not let anyone in. There’s no play by play. There’s no “Facebook Official”. There’s no #MCM. This… Continue Reading →

Say Waugh?! on the Radio: Interview with Excuse My Adlib

So,  I’ve  been a little MIA. Hopefully you excuse my absence as I introduce my interview with Big Therm from Excuse My Adlib also known as, EMA Radio.  Last weekend, I came out from under my rock, to talk to Big… Continue Reading →


I get attached to the smallest things, and those things almost always make an impact on big decisions.  I realized that, as I watched my cat try her hardest to stay close to me as I found myself detached from… Continue Reading →

Occupational Hazard: Trying to Date When You Write About Dating Online

The only thing I like about online dating is that you get to be sort-of anonymous. Assuming you’re not about that Catfish life, you are using your real picture, and if you care about actually meeting someone who will like… Continue Reading →

Why Are Bad Guys So Good In Bed?

This is a topic I have tried to avoid because I don’t want it to be true. I do not want to date anymore assholes. My heart has reached its douchebag limit. So, for my sanity, I am hoping that… Continue Reading →

Am I Hard to Please? Acceptance vs Denial in a Relationship

While sitting in my apartment at my desk, staring at my bed across the room that hasn’t seen magic in so long that it’s probably wondering if there is no magic left in the world,  I start to think about… Continue Reading →

The Breakup Diaries: The Lion, The Witch and The Therapist

I have always considered myself to be a lioness not just because of my zodiac sign but because of my mannerisms and my sense of loyalty especially to the king of my jungle. I would stand by his side. I… Continue Reading →

Dating While Geek

  Have you ever been out with a guy who takes away all of your shine? Meaning you are usually fabulous but around him you are a fumbling mess.  I have this friend that I sorta dated that makes me… Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to say ‘I love you’ when you mean it?

  You finally meet someone that gets you. I mean really gets you. Not just because they laugh at all of your silly jokes or because they let your long-winded-self go on for hours about something only you care about. But… Continue Reading →

My Jealousy has a first name…

  My heart has taken a few beatings. I won’t say that any of those unfortunate events have led to heartbreak, because after it all I’m still here with my overly optimistic hope that love indeed exists the way I’ve… Continue Reading →

Singles in America: Is There Hope for Your “Friends with Benefits” Situation?

Last weekend I trudged through the aftermath of the snow storm from my apartment on the far side of the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn to listen to the results of a survey done by Match.com about Singles in America…. Continue Reading →

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