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I Don’t Want To Write About Love Anymore

I don’t want to write about love anymore. Well, it’s getting harder and harder to write about the love in my own life. Before… It was easier to write about the things in my head. Love didn’t live there. Not… Continue Reading →

Sh#! Single Girls Say… To Married Girls

My Facebook news feed has been filled with The YouTube parody videos posted by my friends that were made in response to the video Sh#! Girls Say. My absolute and obvious favorite is the Sh#! Single Girls Say parody. There are… Continue Reading →

The Beginning

After having a meltdown because Dominos took two hours to deliver my pizza (my fridge is still empty), I turned to the one thing that would distract me from my hunger…twitter. I scrolled down my timeline and there was a… Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter..No Jam: The Only Thing I Miss About Being in a Relationship

Ever since I moved out of my mothers house at 16 years old to go to college,  I have fed myself as a college student. In other words I lived off of frozen dinners and take out. As an adult,… Continue Reading →

Love in a Cardboard Box

One day after work, and after paying a visit to my boo at Starbucks I entered the train station to head home. A guy approaches me requesting to ask me a question. I was in a good mood, and he seemed to… Continue Reading →

The One Thing No One Will Ever Expect a "Love Addict" to Say

Relationships are annoying! Yes I said it.  No I’m not sick. No I’m not losing my mind. Yes you are still reading the same blog. I have not been body snatched.  Its just that the thought of being obligated to… Continue Reading →

Haiku for the Single Girl Entry #1

Sadly, the only Guy I’m going steady with Is my bartender. The above Haiku comes from the book “Haiku for the Single Girl”  by Beth Griffenhagen. The entire book is just that; a collection of Haiku’s that every single can… Continue Reading →

Shut the H#%* Up!

Actions speak louder than words is one of the oldest sayings, and one of the truest.The next time I hear a promise I know someone won’t keep I’m just going to scream “SHUT UP!” and cut them off in the… Continue Reading →

How to Lose a Guy in 5 seconds

 I sabotaged the mess out of this potential relationship. Long story short I started talking to this guy. We meet, hit it off instantly and commenced the dating ritual. We send the good morning texts back and forth, check in… Continue Reading →

Easter on Thanksgiving

Have you ever heard of that home economics project in school where you had to treat an egg like a baby? It was meant to teach you responsibility, but mainly allow you to understand how fragile someone else’s life can be and… Continue Reading →

The Break Up Diaries: I’m Single but Not Dead…Yet!

* I wrote this when my last relationship ended a few months ago. Though I have grown to absolutely love my single life (I downright cherish it actually), I think it’s important to share this anyway, because when a relationship ends… Continue Reading →


There was a joke in the new  Kevin Hart movie ” Laugh at My Pain”  where he talks about what he does if he finds himself in an intimate situation with a woman that makes him uncomfortable. Instead of screaming stop, he yells out the word… Continue Reading →

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