For every person who waited for words that would never come
When a blind eye was given to the actions leading up to the moments
When an instant connection begins to sound like static
When the hugs feel one sided
When the last kiss felt strained
When the last goodbye felt permanent

Constant communication goes suddenly silent
Unless you reach out

When you’re honest about the sudden shift
Trying not to have expectations
Hoping to be wrong about your perceptions
Kicking yourself every time you send good vibes to someone
Who changed the frequency of your intimacy
Waiting for a “hey” text
When you deserve to get “good morning beautiful”
When the love songs on your playlist turn to the blues
When the one who couldn’t hold a note, held your hand instead then found enough of a rhythm to play you


Thinking about going the distance

While they become more distant

And the moments you just shared seem so long ago


When they have nothing to say

And you have too many words

Waiting for them to say something

You say nothing

Because the words you have left are your only armor

When your ears need to hear what your heart already knows, and your mind can’t process
When the silence should be confirmation
But you need to hear him say
I’m just not feeling you… Anymore
And so it ends with a proposal to be friends
When you were never more than strangers to begin with