So,  I’ve  been a little MIA. Hopefully you excuse my absence as I introduce my interview with Big Therm from Excuse My Adlib also known as, EMA Radio. 

Last weekend, I came out from under my rock, to talk to Big Therm from the radio show Excuse My Adlib  about my crazy dating stories and my first book. As he will tell you in the interview, and on his website, we met on Twitter. The Universe definitely aligned the timing, because I am not very active on my Twitter page. I look at Twitter as black hole where no one really reads what other people have to say. To me it’s a crowded room where everyone is talking to themselves out loud. After some nudging from “The Boyfriend” (you’ll hear about him soon enough, as I am officially off of my blogging hiatus), I decided to start Tweeting again.

On the day I decided to dive back into the Twitterverse, I was all up in my feelings. I was having one of those “I need to vent and I guess I’ll share my misery in a public space,” kind of days. I figured why not do it in one place where I know no one is paying attention. It’s kind of like needing to scream really loud so you go out into the wilderness and let it out because even if the birds in the tree above are mocking you, at least you don’t know it. On this particular day, I was a few days from rolling further down hill into the age of 31. I Tweeted about it (my version of screaming in the empty forest), and planned to keep it moving but  apparently at least one birdie was listening.  Big Therm/ @EMA_Therm responded. In under 140 characters, he was able to steer me away from “Self Loathing-ville,” and invited me to talk about my blog and my book on his show.

This was one of the funniest interviews I have ever done. I had fun rehashing some of my most insane dating moments, like the time I almost dated a homeless guy, or the bad guy who wasn’t bad in the bedroom, and of course the day I uncovered the conspiracy behind granny panties. I also discussed my book “Bubble Baths, Sex, and Hot Chocolate,” and why you should get it. Check out the full interview here. Also, as a  thank you to those who listen to the interview, you can get an autographed copy of my book and some extra goodies for 50% off when you use the code “Radio”.


I’ll be posting more soon. I promise.