We went from hand holding to high fives
No more I miss you’s because we talk more than ever
Better as friends?
Or a needed pause with no pressure?

No longer walking in the ordered footsteps of courtship because I’m floating

Further away from who I’m supposed to be and closer to who I am

The most powerful man I ever met was able to make me stop falling for him midair
Left me hanging in the sweetest part of my feelings
Where the view of my landing was of his flawless being
Where he has to look up to get a good view of me

Seeing the sides of each other we missed when staring into each other’s eyes
No longer looking into the window of his soul but standing at the doorway of his heart
Watching the words leave his mouth and saving them in my notebook for later
Calling each other homie but I don’t mind because there’s no place like home

Knowing there will be many hands to hold his

And wings that brush my arms

Respecting those boundaries as time flies by

Accepting that the arms on the clock may never point to a time where we get to be together

Knowing that this is either how true love develops

Or how my heart breaks twice


just friends - say waugh



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