I have been going back and forth with finding a way to expand what I do with this blog and how I can communicate more with the people who take the time out to read my opinion each week. So.. Introducing the Love Addict Podcast (until I can come up with a better name). I was inspired by my close friend who has a video blog as well as another blogger that I’m a fan of. Each week I will do a recorded version of topics related to love and relationships that have not been discussed on the blog or that has lead to several discussions due a blog I posted. Click on the Love Addict Podcast link above in the heading bar above this post each week for new episodes.

This is new for me, as I have always described myself as a better writer than speaker. So let’s get some of the the formalities out of the way. I’m aware that I can speak too fast at times, and that I say “umm” from time to time. I’m working on it, and as I do more of these I’m sure those issues will get better so bare with me. For now I would appreciate it if you all listened in and let me know what you think of the topic. Also feel free to send me topics you would like to talk about that you may be dealing with in your relationship or dating experiences. Send them too loveaddictblog@gmail.com

Without further adieu here is the link to the first episode:

Episode 1: Why is Facebook So Important to Some Women