Your Valentine’s Day Movie Roundup

After my last outburst while on a date to see a romantic comedy I wanted to swear off the genre forever, but you can’t teach an old love hound new tricks. So, instead I’m vowing to not watch them when… Continue Reading →

#SelfieGame: So People Are Doing Stunts On Their Bathroom Sinks and I’m Entertained

Because I never sleep, I do what all plugged in insomniacs do, I logged on to Twitter. Scrolling aimlessly through my timeline I stumbled on the hashtag #selfiegame. When I clicked on it, I discovered pictures of people turning selfies… Continue Reading →

A Celebration of Hip Hop History: Wild Style Film 30th Anniversary

Charlie Ahearn the director of the Hip Hop classic Wild Style, is “Down by Law” aka the Coolest Guy Ever! The term “Down by Law” was used in the song “New York, New York” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious… Continue Reading →

9 Reasons to Go to Afropunk 2013

  Last year, I ventured out to Afropunk  held at Commodore  Barry Park, with no plan of action. I arrived to long lines and a row of alluring food trucks parked outside of the entrance of the park.  I met… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Things to do in NYC June 7 – 9

It’s time for another installment of the Every “Single” Weekend listing. Today (Fri), don’t miss out on free doughnuts to celebrate National Doughnut Day. Also, see what French  film is showing at Films on the Green. Throughout the rest of the… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Things to Do in NYC June 1 – June 2

Wake up, Wake up, Wake up… It’s the First of the Month! I’m helping you start off the month right with this weekend’s round-up. Meet a stranger in NY on Name Tag Day. Eat treats with no regrets at the Vegan… Continue Reading →

I Need Bridget Jones to Get it Together For My Sake…She is STILL “Mad About The Boy”

This morning I retweeted the following: Which prompted the following thought also shared on twitter: The next Bridget Jones novel Mad About the Boy is set to be published this October. Fourteen years ago we left her getting engaged to… Continue Reading →

Best Memes and Vid of Miguel’s Leg Drop at the Billboard Awards 2013

I usually don’t post things like this  but  I  could not help it! The Billboard Awards was about to go down as a snooze fest until Miguel hit the stage. People on the interwebs were commenting on everything from his… Continue Reading →

Why do we STILL need courage to be Gay?

  Every time someone who makes enough money to be considered a celebrity decides to announce their sexual preference they are heralded by the press for being brave. I don’t get it. Why is it still a thing to be… Continue Reading →

Mad Men Season 6 Viewing Parties in NYC

Tonight is the Season 6 premiere of Mad Men. In the absence of the show many have been obsessed with Don Draper’s “package” now it’s time to delve back into the lives of these stylish ad men and women. Get… Continue Reading →

On the Red Carpet for the Braxton Family Values Season 3 Premiere

Wednesday night (March 13) I was invited to the  Braxton Family Season  3 Premiere party hosted  by WEtv at STK Meatpacking restaurant in  NYC. I was getting the scoop for Divas & Dorks. Find out what Tamar and Vince had… Continue Reading →

The Carrie Diaries Episode 4 Recap: The Masks Come Off

  Ahh, the dynamics of high school, as Carrie so accurately pointed out in the opening of this week’s episode it’s the place where you are forced to be in the same place for eight hours with the people who… Continue Reading →

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