Say Waugh?! on the Radio: Interview with Excuse My Adlib

So,  I’ve  been a little MIA. Hopefully you excuse my absence as I introduce my interview with Big Therm from Excuse My Adlib also known as, EMA Radio.  Last weekend, I came out from under my rock, to talk to Big… Continue Reading →

#FoodPorn: Sex On the Table by Chef Fed

A few Saturdays ago, I arrived at an obscure address on the Lower East Side. The exact location was only  distinguishable by a photo of a  door sent in the evite. I was warned that the building was a walk… Continue Reading →

On the Red Carpet for the Braxton Family Values Season 3 Premiere

Wednesday night (March 13) I was invited to the  Braxton Family Season  3 Premiere party hosted  by WEtv at STK Meatpacking restaurant in  NYC. I was getting the scoop for Divas & Dorks. Find out what Tamar and Vince had… Continue Reading →

Up Close with the Cast of the Broadway Play The Trip to Bountiful

This week I got the chance to cover the meet the press event coordinated for the new Broadway show The Trip to Bountiful starring  Cicely Tyson Vanessa Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Condola Rashad for Divas & Dorks. It was… Continue Reading →

The Audacity of Spinsterhood

    When I was a kid, my father’s cousin would spend some Saturday nights at our house so she could go to church with us the following morning. She openly favored my younger sister. She would gush about how… Continue Reading →

Goddess of the Rings

Cue romantic instrumental. Once upon a time a girl was groomed to grow up and one day become the owner of the most coveted ring in the world. This ring was told to be sought after by many little girls… Continue Reading →

Haiku for the Single Girl: Interview with Beth Griffenhagen

I start out every morning at the Starbucks close to my office, where my favorite barista draws a heart on my cup, and I end most of those days walking home alone after a long day of work with dusts… Continue Reading →

What’s So Intriguing About Black Panties?: Interview with Poet Mo Beasley Part I

  If you can’t wait to find out, scroll down to the middle of the page to see Mo Beasley performing Black Panties.       Mo Beasley is an author, poet, and teacher who’s most recent live show Love… Continue Reading →

What’s So Intriguing About Black Panties?: Part II (FULL) Interview with Poet Mo Beasley

  Click here for Part I of our interview After watching Beasley perform live, I wasn’t satisfied with just writing about my experience. I wanted to know about him. I wanted to know his views on everything related to love…. Continue Reading →

Interview: Cavanaugh Lee Author of Save as Draft

I was on one of my solo dates (treating myself to a movie). I purchased some snacks from outside of the theater, because these days it costs more to eat at the movies than to see the movie. I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Occupy Valentines Day

Those who are skeptical of Valentines Day are usually put in two categories by default.   1)       The single woman who hates Valentines Day because she has no valentine 2)       The man who uses the commercialism of Valentines Day as… Continue Reading →

Tale of 2 Ladies

Check out my guest spot on the talk show Tale of 2 Ladies as I take part in their discussion about relationships. Watch as we talk about everything from love at first sight to what motivates a woman to stay in a… Continue Reading →

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