Dating and Relationships

Binder Full of Men

    During the second presidential debate, Governor Romney talked about  receiving  “binders full of women” when he was looking for someone that he felt would be qualified to work with him. He received a lot of heat for his… Continue Reading →

A Quick Conversation About “Cuffing”

I always have hilarious and insightful conversations with my friend “KJ”. She’s married with two kids but is completely real about the realities of that, and I’m the hopeless romantic. She always adds some realism to my idealism. This is… Continue Reading →

How to Be Prepared to Run Into Your Ex… Especially If He’s Happy

 Some of us are fortunate enough to have a clean break when a relationship ends. I’m not referring to the amount of messiness during the breakup. Instead I’m speaking to being able to walk away from a bad situation with… Continue Reading →

Dating Rules for My Younger Self

After you have made a few mistakes in the pursuit of love there comes a moment of reflection and maybe even regret. You wish that someone warned you. We all have that friend who tries, or have friends who know… Continue Reading →

The Breakup Diaries: “He’s Just a Stupid Boy!”

 I remember when I was in high school and my first serious boyfriend broke up with me.  I thought that I responded as any teenage girl would. It was pretty colossal as far as I was concerned. He broke up… Continue Reading →

The Audacity of Spinsterhood

    When I was a kid, my father’s cousin would spend some Saturday nights at our house so she could go to church with us the following morning. She openly favored my younger sister. She would gush about how… Continue Reading →

Get the Relationship You Want…This Summer.

  I’ve always believed that part of the happiness in a relationship is achieved when there is a balance between giving and receiving. However, most of the time we are so focused on what we’re not getting that we aren’t… Continue Reading →

Occupy Uterus

I am not a mother. I have a wonderful pet bunny rabbit that I call my child but she can’t make me macaroni art. The only gift she constantly gives me resides in the corner of her cage. I still… Continue Reading →

A Three Way Gone Terribly Wrong

The year was 1997. I was in seventh grade and grown because I was in a relationship with an 8th grader. We’ll call him Q. I thought we were meant to be because we both wore braces. This was also… Continue Reading →

The Ignominy of the Underwear Drawer: A Case for Granny Panties

Before I lose any sexy points I may have accumulated over the years I must say that I didn’t mean to buy granny panties. I was out on an errand to buy some other essentials such as face wash and… Continue Reading →

Where Single Girls Go to Die

  It caught my eye immediately. There were stacks of interesting things just waiting for me to discover them. There was a box with resources inside that promised I could learn sign language in a fun and easy way. Next… Continue Reading →

Chick Flicks or Bust

  To my male readers or my cynical female readers this is not a post gushing about chick flicks. Men, I promise you won’t feel like you lost an ounce of testosterone. In fact you may grab your woman and… Continue Reading →

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