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Happy You Get Shafted on Taxes Because You’re Single Day!

By this time, some people are scrambling everywhere to file their taxes by the deadline at the end of the day. Others are coming back from a vacation their tax return paid for or looking for a flight to anywhere… Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to say ‘I love you’ when you mean it?

  You finally meet someone that gets you. I mean really gets you. Not just because they laugh at all of your silly jokes or because they let your long-winded-self go on for hours about something only you care about. But… Continue Reading →

My Jealousy has a first name…

  My heart has taken a few beatings. I won’t say that any of those unfortunate events have led to heartbreak, because after it all I’m still here with my overly optimistic hope that love indeed exists the way I’ve… Continue Reading →

Singles in America: Is There Hope for Your “Friends with Benefits” Situation?

Last weekend I trudged through the aftermath of the snow storm from my apartment on the far side of the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn to listen to the results of a survey done by about Singles in America…. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Valentine’s, Galentine’s & Single Awareness Day Gift Guide

We are two days away from the day we spend with the one we like, love,  or almost love as well as a time where women come together to celebrate their friendship. It’s also the day the most of us… Continue Reading →

For Men Who Are Stressed Out on Valentine’s Day Because Flowers and Candy Aren’t Enough

When Valentine’s Day comes around I have witnessed and fell victim to some of the following reactions from men.   The guy conveniently reminds you that you are very casual a few weeks before Valentine’s Day so you know not… Continue Reading →

Why are we in such a rush to commit?

So many of us are in such  a rush to fall in love with people we don’t even like. Think about it… Sometimes we find ourselves dating someone who has the tendency to not make you feel so great all… Continue Reading →

You Want Me to Say What? Overcoming Sexual Shyness (with tips from Astroglide)

    Today I’m touching on a subject that is mostly just implied in my posts if ever truly mentioned. I have written over one hundred posts throughout the years about the ins and outs of my relationships without much… Continue Reading →

Dear Santa…

Last Christmas, I don’t know what frame of mind I was in. It’s all a blur now. The only thing I remember was that I was adamant about accepting that I was spending it alone. Though a visit to my… Continue Reading →

Chasing Batman

  I had a crush on the same guy from first grade through fifth grade. We were complete opposites. I tried hard to be a good student and to be a teachers pet. He had the messiest notebook ever and… Continue Reading →

Date Safely: Get a Second Mobile Number from MyAKA

        I have finally come to accept, that the whole exchanging phone numbers with strangers thing is an inevitable part of the dating process especially when you meet a guy at an inconvenient time. I can think… Continue Reading →

The Calm After the Storm

The last few days the east coast has been at the mercy of hurricane Sandy. After my walls stopped shaking and my lights stopped flickering the long arm of one of my exes reached out to make sure that I… Continue Reading →

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