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Share Joy: Buy Me Some Starbucks So I Know It’s Real

I was the Mayor on Foursquare at the Starbucks in Downtown Brooklyn before I took a few days off from work and was ousted by some chick who I only saw in line with me once or twice. Every Starbucks… Continue Reading →

Say No to “Lexting”

Say Waugh Dictionary Lexting: (v) The act of sending deep feelings via text message, using more characters than are allowed in a Tweet.  If it were to be transcribed by hand, it would be categorized as a love letter. ____________________________________________________________… Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong with Making 300 Sandwiches for Love?

The internet is buzzing today after a woman who writes for the New York Post wrote an article where she revealed herself as the owner of a blog called Apparently, after making her boyfriend a sandwich, he told her… Continue Reading →

The Breakup Diaries: The Lion, The Witch and The Therapist

I have always considered myself to be a lioness not just because of my zodiac sign but because of my mannerisms and my sense of loyalty especially to the king of my jungle. I would stand by his side. I… Continue Reading →

Dear Next Boyfriend: A Note About Titles

I apologize in advance because I’ve done really well up until this point with making sure that the guys I date don’t have to deal with the leftover stuff from the last guy. Unfortunately, I have developed one big hang… Continue Reading →

The Breakup Diaries: Reflecting on the Last Time I Felt Fireworks

It was all good just a year ago. I met him at 1am. It was officially Independence Day. On the  Brooklyn bound A train, I saw a guy that was exactly my type. One part hipster/ One part neo soul/ One part intellectual /One… Continue Reading →

Dating While Geek

  Have you ever been out with a guy who takes away all of your shine? Meaning you are usually fabulous but around him you are a fumbling mess.  I have this friend that I sorta dated that makes me… Continue Reading →

I Need Bridget Jones to Get it Together For My Sake…She is STILL “Mad About The Boy”

This morning I retweeted the following: Which prompted the following thought also shared on twitter: The next Bridget Jones novel Mad About the Boy is set to be published this October. Fourteen years ago we left her getting engaged to… Continue Reading →

The Breakup Diaries: Thoughts that Linger

  It hasn’t been very long since I called him and left a voicemail asking him not to call me until he knew what he wanted to do in regards to us. Not very long since he didn’t respond and… Continue Reading →

Surviving This Single Thing with Modern Dating: A Field Guide from HowAboutWe

Totally and Completely SINGLE Yup that’s me. It’s also the first chapter of Modern Dating: A Field Guide written by Chiara Atik and forwarded by Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout who launched in 2010 to make dating more interesting once you step… Continue Reading →

“Men are always looking for something better and women are looking for whatever works.”

After a string of relationships that can be simply summed up as shit show spectaculars, I was finally done with settling for what sort of worked. I was determined to have something better. I found better and the icing on… Continue Reading →

Why do we STILL need courage to be Gay?

  Every time someone who makes enough money to be considered a celebrity decides to announce their sexual preference they are heralded by the press for being brave. I don’t get it. Why is it still a thing to be… Continue Reading →

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