Dating and Relationships

Just Love Me or Leave Me Alone

I came across the story of a woman who has been in a committed relationship and was gearing up to celebrate her 3 year anniversary with her man. She goes shopping to find him the perfect gift, and spends her… Continue Reading →

Just Tell the D@mn Truth: A Love Addict’s Rant

There are countless relationship books on the market claiming that finding love and keeping love is so hard because men and women are so “different”. Apparently we act differently, handle stress differently, and express emotions differently because we think differently…. Continue Reading →

The Situation: A True Story

Love Addict Dictionary:Situation –noun: Circumstance that is nearly impossible to overcome.These days I barely break away from my comfortable nest at home, but when one of my closest friends asked me to come out to dinner I accepted. We were… Continue Reading →

The Mistress Rules

There are a lot of people talking and speculating about the Alicia Keys debacle. Her situation has reignited the concern and controversy of women questioning why are men having affairs? It also has women all over the world pointing fingers:… Continue Reading →

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