Dating and Relationships

Random Thought #4: Fast Love and Fast Food

Love is like your favorite meal that you know is not good for your health. You know eating cheeseburgers everyday can kill you but you still eat it because it’s filling and satisfying. In the moment where you close your… Continue Reading →

Mistress Rules Part 2: Girlfriends Can’t Behave like Mistresses

I posted a piece last year titled The Mistress Rules about the guidelines that mistresses follow. My intention was to keep girlfriends/ wives one step ahead of the “other woman”. After being with men who had mistresses and after unintentionally becoming… Continue Reading →

Guy Files Case #1: The Weekend Girlfriend

In order to understand what a weekend girlfriend is let’s look at the behavior of a guy who has one: This guy does whatever he wants all week with whoever he wants this includes and is mostly limited to hanging… Continue Reading →

Random Thought #3

When you give your heart to just ANYbody. Don’t be surprised when they treat it ANY way they see fit.  

Foreign Concept #1: The First Date

I was having one of my self assessment moments. Reflecting on this blog specifically how I inadvertently give advice through my own experiences and observations. Last year I was in a long term committed relationship. This year I’m kind of… Continue Reading →

Random Thought #2

“You should never try to change the one you love. They will change because they love you.”

I would rather date a flirt than a cheater

I was asked to clarify the analogy about men hunting as it related to dating from my post last week “Men like the chase? Damn It… I’m Tired of Running!”. I said a man in a relationship should behave like… Continue Reading →

Apparently I’m a Cougar.

Well… not really. Not yet… hopefully not ever. By definition I am not old enough to be cougar nor am I intentionally trying to seduce men that are younger than me. However, in the recent weeks I have been approached… Continue Reading →

Random Thought #1

“Dating is insanity when you go out with the same type of person and expect a different result.”

Every Night I Have to Fight to Prove My Love

I have a running joke with my current Mr. (“Jam”) which came from a scene of the movie The Five Heartbeats. In the scene a man left his woman alone for five minutes and when he came back she was on the way out… Continue Reading →

Men Like the Chase? Damn It… I’m Tired of Running!

I’m going to just say this plain and simple. If a man is looking at his interactions with me and he feels like he is chasing me…like it’s really hard to get my attention… guess what? That means that I… Continue Reading →

Space in a Relationship & On my DVR

Last night after getting in from a super long day I got undressed and planted myself in front of my flat screen. As usual there was nothing on live TV so I pressed the green button on my remote control to… Continue Reading →

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