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I Don’t Want To Write About Love Anymore

I don’t want to write about love anymore. Well, it’s getting harder and harder to write about the love in my own life. Before… It was easier to write about the things in my head. Love didn’t live there. Not… Continue Reading →

“You’re in love…”

My friends state this to me as a fact from where they stand… on the outside.  This is the first time I have not let anyone in. There’s no play by play. There’s no “Facebook Official”. There’s no #MCM. This… Continue Reading →

Say Waugh?! on the Radio: Interview with Excuse My Adlib

So,  I’ve  been a little MIA. Hopefully you excuse my absence as I introduce my interview with Big Therm from Excuse My Adlib also known as, EMA Radio.  Last weekend, I came out from under my rock, to talk to Big… Continue Reading →

Say Waugh?!: Book Announcement!

It’s happening!  I had to take a quick blogging break to focus on something I’ve wanted to do for some time. I’ve been in the blogging game since August 2009, and tomorrow, February 14th, will be the third anniversary of… Continue Reading →


I get attached to the smallest things, and those things almost always make an impact on big decisions.  I realized that, as I watched my cat try her hardest to stay close to me as I found myself detached from… Continue Reading →

Just Friends

  We went from hand holding to high fives No more I miss you’s because we talk more than ever Better as friends? Or a needed pause with no pressure? No longer walking in the ordered footsteps of courtship because… Continue Reading →

Say Something I’m Giving Up On You

For every person who waited for words that would never come When a blind eye was given to the actions leading up to the moments When an instant connection begins to sound like static When the hugs feel one sided… Continue Reading →

Occupational Hazard: Trying to Date When You Write About Dating Online

The only thing I like about online dating is that you get to be sort-of anonymous. Assuming you’re not about that Catfish life, you are using your real picture, and if you care about actually meeting someone who will like… Continue Reading →

Naked (and Pudgy) Under My Clothes

So here’s the truth, I’m out of shape. I’m the most active out of shape person I know. I have a black belt in Taekwondo and in the past year when I wasn’t writing and stuffing my face, I was… Continue Reading →

The Breakup Diaries: The Ex That Won’t Go Away

*Just a bit of fiction I’m working on. He is the ex that never went away. The one who treats me like the one that got away when his radar goes off and informs him that I’m about to be… Continue Reading →

Digging in the Past: Text From the Ex and Killing Johnny Fry

It’s so easy to throw away months of progress in five seconds, and in under 140 characters. This isn’t about getting over my ex. This about trying to craft the perfect response to a simple “hey” text (you know the… Continue Reading →

Why Are Bad Guys So Good In Bed?

This is a topic I have tried to avoid because I don’t want it to be true. I do not want to date anymore assholes. My heart has reached its douchebag limit. So, for my sanity, I am hoping that… Continue Reading →

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