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The Movie “Her,” Made Me Think About “Him”

*Note: They are some spoilers about the overall plot and ending. I often go to the movies alone. After the credits roll, I have a habit of hanging out and jotting down every thought I had that was provoked by… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Art Shows, Vinyl Shopping & Hot Chocolate – Things to do in NYC December 20-22

This  week’s  Every “Single”  Weekend event line up features a chance to relive your favorite Christmas episodes from sitcoms like Friends and Community. While you’re in the holiday spirit you can enjoy free hot chocolate and cupcakes from American Express… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Tattoos, Cupcakes, Sing-A-longs & Cocktails – Things to Do in NYC Dec 13 – 15

This weekend, test your luck at the tattoo shop on Friday the 13th.  Sing your heart out with other Christmas pop song lovers. Go shopping. More holiday markets are popping up to help you find some unique gifts for yourself… Continue Reading →

What NOT to Say to Your Recently Dumped Friend

Breakups happen everyday. When it happens within your circle of friends you want to be there for your girl. You want her to know that she will make it through. You will answer her calls. You will be  her text… Continue Reading →

Dateless in December

Most of the people I know who were screaming YOLO all summer and “Turning up” with their friends because it was hot to be single during bikini season, is currently cuddling up during cuffing season. This time of year, body… Continue Reading →

Breaking Up and Bulking Up

When my relationships end, I usually make up for all of the sex I’m no longer having by heading back to the gym. This time I did the cliche thing, which included weeks of moping and stuffing my face. Instead… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Nostalgia Trains Swing Through NYC #SayWaughWasHere

Sometimes  the hustle and bustle of New York can be such a drag. The worst part of my day usually consists of the time spent trying to get from one place to another in the city. The late buses and… Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Cookie Takedown Day One #SayWaughWasHere

As a child, I identified with the Cookie Monster. No one understood his plight. But as my mother would only allow me to eat two cookies at a time, and my sister would taunt me the “Who Ate the Cookie… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Ben Stiller, Cookie Competition, Booze and Shopping – Things to Do in NYC December 6-8

On this Every “Single” Weekend round up, there are more opportunities for you to take on that Christmas shopping list, more fun ways to feed your mind and your belly, and finally a real reason to hop on the NYC… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Things to Do in NYC November 30 – December 1

This weekend is all about Pop- Ups of the shopping and the eating variety. Get all the deals on one-of-a-kind pieces and skip the leftover turkey for freshly baked, tasty eats. Fitness folks can  pop into a  meetup group walking… Continue Reading →

Are You Settling in Advance?

The thing about having standards is that it will automatically disqualify several people from your dating prospects. But how many of us have had a decent enough relationship with someone who had a flaw you overlooked? How many of us… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Things to Do in NYC November 15-17

The real reason why we get a tad bit chubbier in the cold months is that there are so many free and cheap foodie events. This weekend’s list is a mash-up of free desserts, wine and street food and dinner… Continue Reading →

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