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Your Valentine’s Day Movie Roundup

After my last outburst while on a date to see a romantic comedy I wanted to swear off the genre forever, but you can’t teach an old love hound new tricks. So, instead I’m vowing to not watch them when… Continue Reading →

The Awkward Moment When You’re Having an Awkward Moment While Watching the Awkward Moment

I used to love romantic comedies. The thing is, I picked this one for an impromptu date, because I thought a movie about douchey guys being douchey to women was safe. But instead, in between the well written penis jokes… Continue Reading →

Am I Hard to Please? Acceptance vs Denial in a Relationship

While sitting in my apartment at my desk, staring at my bed across the room that hasn’t seen magic in so long that it’s probably wondering if there is no magic left in the world,  I start to think about… Continue Reading →

Who Has Time for a Relationship When You’re Attached to Your Phone?

Here I am in the middle of the day, counting down the minutes until I can leave the part-time gig I sometimes show up for in between writing assignments because I left my phone at home. I have a date… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Freeze Tag on Wall Street, Cardboard Robot Battle, No Pants Ride – Things to Do in NYC January 11-12

This weekend get your brunch and art fix the same time at 92Y School of the Arts open house, play freeze tag in the financial district, watch life-size cardboard robots battle it out, take your inner exhibitionist for a ride,… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Afrika Bambaataa, Harry Potter Skating Meet Up, Free Day at the Museum- Things to Do in NYC January 4-5

This weekend I am giving you six reasons to go outside the day after the blizzard.  The weather is absolutely frightful but the first weekend of the New Year should be celebrated outside of your living room. When a Hip… Continue Reading →

#SelfieGame: So People Are Doing Stunts On Their Bathroom Sinks and I’m Entertained

Because I never sleep, I do what all plugged in insomniacs do, I logged on to Twitter. Scrolling aimlessly through my timeline I stumbled on the hashtag #selfiegame. When I clicked on it, I discovered pictures of people turning selfies… Continue Reading →

Say Waugh?! Snow Day Survival Guide- Netflix, Snowman Pizza & Cocktails

On a snow day, people who get to stay in spend the day eating, getting sauced, watching movies, and having sex. I don’t have a cuddle buddy, so I’ll be full, drunk, and wasting my life away watching one Netflix… Continue Reading →

Resolve To Be A Better Dater in 2014

It’s tradition in my family to attempt to straighten up your life as much as  possible before the New Year arrives.  It apparently puts you in a better position when the clocks strikes twelve to achieve your goals. I have… Continue Reading →

The 13 Stages I Went Through After Being Dumped In 2013

In short, I lost my mind. I never do. In fact my friends usually criticize me for moving on too quickly. This time I wallowed like I was getting paid at a job where my uniform was underwear, because who… Continue Reading →

Last Minute NYC New Year’s Eve Guide

Brooklyn is the place to be this New Year’s Eve. In case you missed it, I put together The Ultimate Brooklyn  New Year’s Eve Guide for, which includes at least 50 events designed to make your celebration memorable this… Continue Reading →

Every “Single” Weekend: Good Riddance Day, DJ Battle, & Win a Date – Things to do in NYC December 27-29

This weekend is all about films, fun, and an opportunity to say F#@! Off to the worst parts of 2013. Dance while DJ’s battle to see which era had the best music. Win a date and a round of your… Continue Reading →

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