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The Price of Being Single

Yesterday I wrote about using more of my free time to re connect or make new connections with other women. Though I am rediscovering my love for fashion, becoming more culturally aware, and I’m discovering new interests and outlets of… Continue Reading →

Single vs. Single

When I say single I mean that I file my taxes as single, I check the single box on various applications, and I get the occasional “I’m sorry for you” look from older women when they find out my age… Continue Reading →

Something is Better than Nothing

I remember when I was kid and my mother would take me shopping. There was always some exclusive item I wanted. We would go out and when we arrived at the first store, I would immediately try to find the… Continue Reading →

Why Broken Hearted Women Get No Respect: The Burden of the Bitter Bitch

By now many of you have seen the You Tube video featuring Steve Harvey’s ex wife sharing her feelings about the divorce. To be honest while I was watching I tried really hard to feel sorry for her. It’s not… Continue Reading →

NAKED: An Introspective Moment

I try to write about how I see love and all of its appendages from a certain point of view, and I felt that being honest enough to say what I’m thinking even if I know that my opinion might… Continue Reading →

What ( I ) Women Want

What do women want? Before I could begin to list anything I’m sure some guy rolled his eyes and answered “too much”. The list may be a little long for some women but it boils down to a few simple… Continue Reading →

What’s Your Sign?

You all may recognize the title of today’s post as one of the most famous and corny lines of the 70’s. We all may not be subscribers to daily horoscopes but as soon as a DJ gives a shout out… Continue Reading →

Love Hurts… Love Fearlessly

This past weekend I decided on a whim to add to my body art collection aka get another tattoo. On the inside part of my forearm now reads in a typewriter font “love fearlessly”.The font choice was a nod to… Continue Reading →

I Never Should Have Dated You

The love story that shouldn’t have happened… I remember when we met I thought you were charming but you weren’t my type. We became good friends, hanging out whenever we could. We would engage in numerous conversations about nothing. We… Continue Reading →

Under the Sheets: Great Sex & Great Relationships

Can two people have great sex AND a great relationship? If so is the relationship great because of the sex? Or is the sex great because of the relationship? How many times have you had awesome sex in a relationship… Continue Reading →

Love Addict Podcast: Episode 2- Exes Give the Best Advice

In the second episode of  the Love Addict Podcast I reveal the identity of the men I get some of my most coveted advice from… my exes. Enjoy please leave comments, reactions here or email me at Click on the… Continue Reading →

I Spend Too Much Time Analyzing Men

First, let me say Happy New Year to all of you. I hope the New Year brings you all the love you have been waiting for or allows you to maintain and grow the love you have. At the ending of… Continue Reading →

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