Say Waugh

I’m going to take the not so neat approach to introducing myself here because quite honestly, I’m a mess.

I have had success as a writer because I can put together a sentence. I’m good at putting words on paper (or on the interwebs). I have been building my home in the blogosphere since 2009. My drive, leads many people to think that I am a machine who is fueled by tapping my fingers on my keyboard (and Starbucks). But in reality, I speak very fast which sounds like mumbles to the untrained ear. I should not be anywhere near glass items because I knock over everything! I have never written a to-do that I have finished.

An old potential love interest who got to know me through my writing first, watched me fumble through my apartment while he tried to get comfortable, he perused the Harry Potter collectables on my book shelf, saw that the only thing I have in my fridge was wine and ice cream, then he looked at me and said, “so you live this quirky, nerd thing to the fullest, huh?”. My response was simply, “that’s who I am”. For the first time ever in my life, I am okay with embracing that I am not like everyone else, and that in most cases I just don’t fit in.

Since the inception of Say Waugh?! I’d like to think that I have been very transparent. With the many screw-ups I share (especially in my dating life) I always remind people that I don’t give advice, I share my experiences. I do not have it all figured out. When my peers were getting ready for grad school, I was getting a divorce. Currently, I’m still stumbling through this dating world, and bumping into all the wrong companions. Some people eat away the pain, and some seek the advice of their equally single friends (or the married ones who think they’ve figured out the secret to not ending up a cat lady). I stuff my face, text a few confidants, and blog about it.

So many people respond to some of the misadventure I’ve posted here, by not believing one person could end up in such outlandish situations but trust me, though I dabble in fiction as a writer, I couldn’t make this stuff up. At it’s core, Say Waugh?! is about my dating follies, but I’m making a new effort to share more about Simone Waugh, the writer who just so happens to suck at dating.

Stick with me as I grow in this space as a person, a writer, and hopefully a better dater.